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See for yourself! Look at the retouched "before" photo for this renovation project in Sykesville, MD to see what T.M.Watts can do for you next remodeling venture.

Whether its an addition like this one, a deck, patio, or sunroom, a finished basement or a remodeled kitchen or bath, T.M.Watts utilizes the most advanced technology to provide a preview of your finished project.

Sykesville, MD - Addition Over Garage

remodeling Sykesville,MD garage addition - after

    his family needed more living space but was limited by their lot size. There was no room to add on to any side of the house, so we added up! By removing the existing garage roof and using a cantilever on the back, we were able to use the existing footprint of the home and create an additional 440 square feet of living space over the 400 square foot garage. This created office space for him, a private getaway with a generous walk-in closet for her, and a set of regular stairs (not the pull down type) to spacious attic storage. We also opened up the new attic to the existing attic where we added flooring for even more storage. For the finishing touches, we put a fresh coat of paint on all the trim, installed new shutters and replaced the roof with architectural shingles. We even went to extra pains to match the siding. (Read the story below)

remodeling Sykesville,MD garage addition - before remodeling Sykesville,MD garage addition retouch
This is a photo taken of the house prior to renovations.
Design Retouch
T. M. Watts retouched the original "Before" photo to show the client exactly how the addition would look, BEFORE a hammer was even picked up.

The extra care T.M.Watts took to match 10 year old siding.

This story is just one example of how T.M.Watts goes the extra mile to make our clients smile!

The homeowners still had the original paper work showing the first owners' siding selection, including manufacturer and color. The siding was still being manufactured in the same color and it was a perfect match to the sample color swatch from the supplier. We ordered the siding and it arrived in a few days as promised. We pulled a piece out of the box and "aughhh," it did not even come close!

We then went to about six different suppliers looking for a more comparable match. We finally found two from other manufacturers, but the distributer would not break open cartons to send us samples. They wanted us to order a full case, but we did not want to place a non-returnable order based on a sample swatch.

With customer satisfaction being our number one priority, we drove the 50 miles to the distribution center and asked to talk face to face with the person in charge. After going through several non-helpful secretaries and a few nasty foremen, our persistence finally paid off. The manager took us into the warehouse, broke open a carton of each siding and gave us a full 12 foot sample of each to take back to the house for comparison.

One of the samples was a real close match, but not exact. Because we had taken extra care when removing the original siding from the side and back of the garage, we were able to clean it up and install it on the front of the addition, providing an exact match for curb appeal. We then installed the new siding on the side and back of the addition. Because of the change in angle going around the corner, you can't even tell the difference!

All the extra effort cost T.M.Watts time and money. We ate the cost of the first round of mismatched siding, but we gained the confidence and loyalty of a now life-long customer. We have since built a barn style shed, a new deck, removed the wood floor and railings from an old deck and resurfaced it with Trex and vinyl rails, installed wainscoting, replaced the original builder windows with energy efficient Anderson windows, installed porcelain tile in two baths, as well as interior painting. By the way, we also built the portico and bricked the front porch prior to building this addition... Who says you can't find a contractor that is fair and reliable?

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"The retouched photos that T.M.Watts provided prior to construction left nothing to the imagination. We were able to choose the design we liked best and it looked exactly like the finished project."

T.M.Watts' Photoshop expert has over
twenty-five years of experience in the field of image manipulation. We can take a photo of your existing house and add the details of any remodeling project to it. You don't have to guess or imagine what the outcome will be. No more concerns about communication with your builder. You can move forward with confidence knowing that you will get exactly what you envisioned your dream could be.