T. M. Watts Design/Build Custom Home Design and Remodeling Services
"T.M.Watts provided peace of mind throughout
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T.M.Watts Design/Build - Your Single Source

Instead of having several contractors and consultants, the client has just one entity to deal with. Design revisions, project feedback, budgeting, permitting, construction issues, change orders, and billing can all be routed through the Design/Build firm. This single point of contact allows a certain degree of control as well as flexibility for the client. Most Design/Builders will leverage that flexibility for the client's benefit by continually refining the construction program to maximize the client's value at the completion of the project.

Other important benefits of the Design/Build model include:
Enhanced communication between the new home builder or remodeler and the client
Increased accountability by the builder or remodeler
Single source project delivery
Value-based project feedback system
"We previewed our home in 3D from every angle to be sure it was exactly what we wanted.
We even placed furniture in each room so we knew it was just right."

T.M.Watts uses Chief Architect professional 3D architectural design software to produce dramatic, photo-realistic 3D renderings of your new home or remodeling project. Build a deck, put on an addition, redesign a kitchen, remodel your bathroom – all before anyone lifts a hammer. Guarantee your satisfaction by using T.M.Watts Design/Build and Chief Architect on your new home or remodeling project!